did you know that 53% of Malaysian students could not meet the minimum proficiency level in international Reading Tests?

In the PISA Reading Test, we ranked 58 out of 64 countries.

illiteracy is still a huge problem in malaysia, and something needs to be done about it.

What we do

We empower children, through communities, by providing remedial literacy programmes to enable children to learn to read



How we do it

We provide structured and sustainable reading programmes to schools and communities, in collaboration with school leaders, teachers, community leaders, volunteers, and students.

Our literacy toolkit, one of the first homegrown English materials in the country, is tested and proven to enable students to develop their reading skills within a year. We deliver training to teachers and student mentors on early literacy development and strategies to improve reading proficiency. We also develop customised modules according to the needs of schools to grow the reading skills of their students.


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