The MYReaders kit is designed to bring students from illiteracy to literacy in 27 weeks.


The Literacy Toolkit encapsulates the four Essential Components of Reading, aligned to the following features:

  • Step-by-step progression
  • Tested and proven to work with Malaysian students
  • Uses systematic phonics-based intervention
  • Easily adaptable for students of different reading levels 




RM 260.00




Module 1.1 Basic phonics

Learners begin to build the foundations of reading by recognising letter sounds and sight words. Phonics and sight words are paired with pictures for learners to associate vocabulary to meaning. The module incorporates kinaesthetic and visual learning styles as learners also have to trace out the letters while they recite them.

By the end of Module 1.1, learners will be able to know how to sound out all the letters in the alphabet.



Module 1.2 phonics (Blending)

In the second part of the module, learners start to blend letter sounds together. They begin reading short CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words, then practice reading stories in accompanying Decodable books. The Toolkit contains 33 Decodable books, with each story covering different phonics elements. For many learners, this will be the first time they read books!

By the end of Module 1.2, learners will be able to read simple sentences.



Learners practice reading fluently, with the right intonations, pauses and tone. Passages in the fluency module are longer, more complex, and include repetitions to build up students' reading abilities towards independent reading.


By the end of Module 2, learners will be able to read simple texts fluently.



The comprehension module focuses on the pinnacle of literacy - making meaning from words. 15 storybooks come with Comprehension worksheets for learners to practice active comprehension strategies as they read, including answering questions, identifying story structures, summarising, and reflecting on characters and values. The storybooks are specifically written to be easily relatable for learners in the South East Asian context.


By the end of Module 3, learners will be able to read and understand longer and more complex stories.